African Cape Trophy Safaris

Safari hunting the Eastern Cape of South Africa.

Have you always yearned for the drums of Africa to beat deep in your soul? We at African Cape Trophy Safaris would love to show you the splendor of South Africa's Eastern Cape and its majestic beauty. The malaria free Eastern Cape Province offers exceptional hunting safari adventures that will forever remain in your soul.

African Cape Trophy Safaris.

African Hunting Safaris in The Eastern Cape Province of South Africa

Enter African Cape Trophy Safaris.

Hunt 30 different South African Trophy Hunting Game Species

South Africa hunting safaris in the Eastern Cape.

The Eastern Cape sits between deep blue waters from the Indian Ocean and the rugged peaks of the Drakensberg Mountains. Hunters choosing his or her safari in the Eastern Cape Province can expect lush rolling green hills, a coastline that is breathtaking, beautiful sea ports, and towns rich in culture and significant history to go along with some of South Africa's best trophy plains game hunting.

Hunting safaris in the Eastern Cape are ideal for the hunter looking for a rewarding hunting and shooting experience. We at African Cape Trophy Safaris fully believe in the spirit of fair chase in all our hunting adventures. This shows through all of our hunting concessions and the 30 different indigenous game species available to hunt including Cape Kudu, Springbok, and Black Wildebeest. And for the hunter looking to collect one of the Tiny Ten we at African Cape Trophy Safaris can offer Oribi, Grysbok and Vaal Reedbuck. For the hunter wishing to chase the elusive Caracal or Blue Duiker with hounds we can ensure that you will be taken care of by the best in the business. Which ever game species you’re looking for the Eastern Cape is the right choice for your hunting safari.

Most hunters considering a hunting safari to the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa feel that the planning and the details involved seem like a daunting endeavor. However, with the complete information we provide on every aspect of your hunt you will find just the opposite to be true. This information is not only found on this web site but through direct, prompt and complete personal response to any and all South Africa safari questions that you may have. You will find the planning portion will turn out to be an easy part of your Eastern Cape safari.

Join us and enjoy first class safari accommodations, the very finest of cuisine, trophy quality plains game hunting and exceptional hunting packages all at extremely reasonable rates with African Cape Trophy Safaris. During your Eastern Cape safari you not only will be treated like royalty but will discover the nature and ambience of South Africa in the most comfortable and relaxing environment possible in the Dark Continent. Our goals is for you the hunter to arrive at African Cape Trophy Safaris as a client but leave a life long friend connected by Africa's beat of the drum and diverse beauty of the Eastern Cape.

Your Eastern Cape hunting safari doesn't have to remain a dream for you. It's time to come experience your ultimate lifelong dream and we at African Cape Trophy Safaris will help you plan your hunting safari in the Eastern Cape and make it an adventure of a lifetime tailored to your dreams.

African Cape Trophy Safaris

making safari hunting dreams come true in the Eastern Cape of South Africa.


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