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NyalaElandCape KuduBushbuck

Spiral Horn "Grand Slam"

$7,995.00 US

Includes the Trophy Fees for 4 trophy animals.

10 Days / 9 Full Days of 1x1 hunting

*As with all of our packages, there is no charge for your day of arrival nor your day of departure.

The Spiral Horned antelope of South Africa are considered to be the most beautiful and sought after trophies in the country. There are 4 different species of spiral horn antelope, Kudu, Eland, Bushbuck and Nyala. To obtain all of these trophies is a real hunting challenge and completing this Grand Slam is the pinnacle of plains game hunting in South Africa.

The number of these packages is limited and includes the trophy fees for all 4 of the Spiral Horn species of the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa. They are the Cape Kudu, Cape Eland, Cape Bushbuck and Nyala. Hunting method is by rifle only.

Additional animals may be added at our Trophy Fee rates, if time allows.

Kudu1 Cape Kudu
Gemsbok1 Cape Bushbuck
Eland1 Cape Eland
Nyala1 Nyala

Hunting Package Includes:

Hunting Package Excludes:

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